Planning a winter wedding

Planning a winter wedding

Planning a winter wedding

There’s a lot of hype over summer weddings and a lot of the time the other seasons are overlooked. The beauty of spring flowers and the stunning autumn leaves often take a backseat and many people overlook winter because of the colder temperatures. However, if you’re planning on staying in the UK for your wedding, then the summer months aren’t always true to their promises of sunshine and often winter weddings have a gorgeous aesthetic of their own.

Winter weddings are magical all over the world and the UK is home to loads of beautiful venues that make the most out of the season. If you’re considering a winter wedding, here are five more things to think about as you plan…

  1.    The Venue

With so many venues to choose from, finding the perfect one can be a challenge. Consider what matters most to you and then take some viewings to picture yourself there on the big day. For winter weddings, consider indoor venues that have the cosy feel that will welcome guests in from the cold. When planning a wedding, it’s important to take into account the whole day, including the weather.


  1.    The Dress

On a practical level, you have to take into consideration the weather when picking your dress. A long train may be difficult to keep clean in the rain and you might want to buy a second pair of shoes for walking from your transport into the venue, just in case the first get damaged. On a design level, you can also think about more wintery wedding looks, including long sleeves and lace. Get creative because often winter lends itself to the most stunning of wedding dresses.


  1.    The Theme

If your wedding is close to Christmas, you can also celebrate the holidays as well, and the same goes for New Year’s Eve. Otherwise, think about the winter wonderland settings you could create or the elegance that a traditional, indoor venue could provide. No matter how striking your theme is, or what you choose, winter is the perfect time to branch out and do something a little different with your decorations that will both impress your guests and make sure that you have the best time possible.


  1.    The Photography

How perfect will your dream venue look as the backdrop to your wedding photographs? If you’re lucky enough to get frost or snow on your big day, you will have a gorgeous setting to pose with your new husband or wife and your families. Shine Pics have many examples of winter wedding photography on their website.


  1.    The Timing

With the early nights coming in during the winter months, you might want to opt for your celebrations to be early in the day in order to make sure that there’s plenty of sunlight. Alternatively, if you enjoy the romance of the moon and stars then this is the perfect time to have the best of both worlds.

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